Three-sided planer

Machine tools used to give the board the right smoothness and to make grooves and feathers on the side planes using special tools on the spindles of vertical heads.
As an online store offering specialized equipment for processing wood and wood-like materials for sale, we ensure that each sawdust planer for sawdust proposed here has been thoroughly tested during a specialist technical inspection and is fully operational.
Each of the three-sided planers used is different, subjected to technical inspections, sold is fully operational. Each piece has an original photograph. You always order the machine visible in the picture. All used machines listed below are in our warehouse. In the case of new machines, if there is no information in the description about having the device in stock, ask for availability.

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Three-sided planer JAROMA DSEA 63


Three-sided planer JAROMA DSEA 63



shaft width

shaft 4-knife
max thickness of the workpiece on the thickness gauge 250mm
max. thickness of the workpiece on 3 side heads 100mm
*in advance:
pawl +
input shaft, pulling, toothed +
pressure +
planing shaft +
pressure +
rolling pin, pulling, smooth +
pressure +
*from down:
material pressure +
adjustable rollers in the bottom worktop +
lead bar +
*in the back:
lateral spindles 2 art
spindle height 110mm
diameter of spindles 30mm
spindle adjustable up / down, right / left +
side spindle motors 2x4kW
main engine 7,5kW
3 types of feed speed 8, 12.5, 20m / min
feed motor 1,5kW
lifting engine 0,75kW
all motors with electric brakes +
Extraction connector 1x140mm, 2x120mm
overall dimensions length / width / height 1600 / 1370 / 1600mm
weight 1400kg
- in stock
Price: 18900,00
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