Four-side planer TOS SVITAVY FWP 22


The planer is intended for the multilateral processing of wooden straight elements.


- Czech production
- on 6 heads, the last one universal
- for wet wood
- unpainted

- used planer, very good condition


max width of the workpiece

max. height of the workpiece 130mm
number of spindles 6
1) horizontal lower 230mm 4kW
2) vertical right 130mm 4kW
3) vertical left 130mm 4kW
4) horizontal upper 230mm 7,5kW
5) horizontal lower 230mm 4kW
6) universal 230mm 4kW
all spindles adjustable up / down, right left +
third spindle electrically adjustable front / rear +
diameter of spindles 40mm
- in advance:
4 rollers introducing pulling, toothed including 2 double +
pressure +
2 rollers, pulling, rubber, double rollers +
- from down:
introductory table +
3 side clamps +
3 plain skid rollers +
rollers pressed pneumatically +
length of the countertop 1970mm
adjustable top / bottom top +
central lubrication +
electric adjustment of planing thickness +
Smooth feed speed regulation 5-25m / min
feed on cardan shaft +
feed motor 1,5kW
closed in the cabin +
diameter of the extraction nozzle 2x150mm, 3x120mm
dimensions length / width / height 4380x1800x1740mm
weight around 3500kg

The machine is equipped with elements that are visible in the picture.

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PLN net33900,00
PLN gross41697,00

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