Double-sided saw DMGB-35 standard

Double-sided saw DMGB-35 standard
Catalog number RE010


The DMGB-35 format saw is designed for two-sided sawing of chipboard and laminated boards and boards on the width.
It is made of a bed on which the body and support are placed.
The body is fixed permanently to the bed, the carriage has the possibility of sliding. The support has mechanical drive.
The cutting width adjustment is in the range from 220 mm - 2500 mm (the distance between the extreme saws).
The maximum cutting length is 2500 mm.

The saw enables the material to be cut on both sides in one operation.


- new machine
- CE certificate
- warranty
- professional


diameter of the main saw

maximum sawing height 75mm
max. sawing width 2500mm
min sawing width 220mm
max length of sawing 2500mm
main engine power 2x4kW
rotational speed of the main spindle 3500/4500/6000
diameter of the main spindle tip 30mm
diameter of the circular saw cutting spindle 120-130mm
the power of the cutting spindle motor 2x0,75kW
rotational speed of the cutting spindle 8300obr / min
diameter of the tip of the cutting spindle 20mm
the motor power of slide feed 0,37kW
connecting diameter of the upper suction port 2x60mm
air demand (in the upper dust extraction system) 2 x 360 m3 / h
air demand (in the lower dust extraction system) 2 x 900 m3 / h
machine weight 1100kg

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PLN net49800,00
PLN gross61254,00

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1292PLN Gross / 48mies.

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