Surface planer

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planer woodworking is the basic machine of every woodworking plant.

planer also called planing, planing or cutting machine levels and smoothes the surface.
It cuts soft and hard wood as well as wood-based materials.
The advantage of planers above all, its high performance and precision. The planer is easy to use.

Construction of a planer

  • The planer has a simple construction. The machine body is made of cast iron or metal. There is an entry and exit table at the top. Both regulate themselves. Depending on the model of planers, tops are of different length and width.
  • A knife shaft is mounted between the tables. It has a round cross section. There are planer knives mounted on the shaft. The number of knives also depends on the machine model. The more blades, the better the cutting quality. Similar to thicknesser, it is possible to mount different types of shaft.
  • Each planer has a guide. It is usually made of cast iron and is adjustable front / back or at an angle. This element prevents the material from moving during operation. Some planers of this type have an additional guide for small slats. Often a silencing comb is attached to the shaft. Thanks to it, the machine is quiet after switching on.
  • Inside the machine there is a three-phase motor with a voltage of 400V. The motor drives the knife shaft through a belt transmission. The engine power depends on the machine parameters. The new planers have an electric brake. The shaft automatically stops when disconnected. Older machines have a mechanical brake - the user applies the brake by themselves.

Working with a planer requires a lot of operator focus. The user must not allow hands to come into contact with the knife roller during operation. Therefore, each machine has a shaft guard.

Each planer works with a suction. Appropriate chip extraction is reflected in the machine's quality of work. Extraction is selected according to the type of planer. The planers have special extraction leads called extraction nozzles.

MAR-MASZ has a wide range of planers with various parameters. We have both new and used machine tools. Surely everyone will find a machine for themselves. Each machine has a technical review and is fully functional. In our company, every customer can check and test the machine. We also have our own transport or organize forwarding to other regions of Poland and abroad.