Vertical drills

Vertical wood drilling machine otherwise columnar drills, drills or deepens holes in the vertical plane. The tool that is used in this type of drill is a drill. It processes material in the form of solid wood, chipboards, fibreboards, plywood, as well as other wood-based materials.

It is applicable in both large and small carpentry workshops, furniture factories, craft and renovation workshops and other woodworking factories.

The column drill is easy to use and has a simple construction. It can come in two versions:

  • stationary - The drilling head is mounted on a high support, on which a work table is also mounted. The drilling apparatus is usually adjusted front / rear and at an angle, depending on the machine model. The table also has adjustment - it moves on the support up / down. In the case of column drills, the tool approaches the workpiece during operation. This is done by means of a knob, which is attached to the side of the drilling unit. The tool has a special cover protecting the machine operator against accident. Each drill has an emergency stop button. After pressing it the drill stops automatically. The electric motor is mounted on the back of the drilling unit. It can be in 230V or 400V version - depending on the user's needs.
  • portable - The principle of operation of these drills is the same as in stationary ones. Portable drills differ from stationary ones in that they have short supports and are mounted to worktops.

Both of the above-mentioned models have very small dimensions, therefore they do not take up much space in the plants. They are also easy to carry.

When buying a machine for your plant, you should pay attention primarily to:

  • technical parameters of the drill,
  • precision of performance,
  • performance,
  • engine type and power,
  • drilling head adjustment options,
  • type of material from which the machine tool is made, etc.

Column drilling machinesthat are in our sales offer are solidly and precisely made. They meet all necessary requirements, thanks to which the machine is completely safe.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.