Driller are intended for drilling, reaming and deepening round holes with a drill bit. We distinguish mainly drills such as:

  • table (small machine set on workbench).
  • column (the drill or its spindle is mounted on a column enabling positioning of the drill, its vertical movement and vertical drive. Used in larger workshops and in industry).
  • impact (a drill in which, in addition to rotary movement, the drill performs a reciprocating movement, hitting the workpiece, used to process hard and brittle materials, mainly building materials).
  • turret (with revolver tool head).
  • Multi-spindle (with many spindles rotating simultaneously, it can be used to drill many holes simultaneously, mainly industrial).
  • Coordinate drilling machine (for drilling holes with very accurate position).


What wood drill?

Depending on the type of wood we will drill, we offer carpentry machines such as:


Wood drill for professional and DIY?

What we should also pay attention to when buying a drill for a professional or DIY.

- number of spindles,
- engine power,
- size,
- price,
- number of rotation speeds.

Manufacturers of wood drills

In our offer you will find, for example, producers of such brands as: MAGGI, PEMAL, STOMANA, GOMAD, HOLZMANN.