Multi-blade saw

Wielopiła for wood, cuts prisms into smaller boards, slats, battens, etc. The thickness of the material obtained depends on the spacers that are installed between the saws. As the name suggests, many shields can be fitted to the shaft.

Multi-saw saws they work well in large industrial plants, sawmills, as well as smaller craft plants.

Each of the multi-saws in our offer is distinguished by high performance, reliability and wide application.

There are two types of multi-saw:

Tracked Multisaw - This type of machine is primarily characterized by the fact that the processed material moves on the track, which is formed by individual links. The tape is located in the saw table. Above the caterpillar there is a shaft with saws. The discs are separated by spacers, which can be of different dimensions - it depends on the width that we want to get after cutting. The number of discs mounted on the shaft depends primarily on the power of the machine's engine, as well as the number of elements that we want to get after cutting.

Multi shaft saw - In contrast to tracked multi-saws in shaft multi-saws, the material moves through pulling shafts mounted at the height of the shaft with saws. These edgers do not have caterpillars. Shaft multi-saws can be divided into:

  • Single - They have one shaft with saws.
  • double shaft - They have two shafts with saws that are mounted from above and below.


Chainsaws may have additional equipment such as:

  • Feeding and receiving tables - With slip or drive rollers.
  • Laser - Accurately marks the cutting line.
  • Contribution to short elements - Allows cutting short pieces.
  • Additional shaft with sleeves - With an additional shaft, it can be easily and efficiently replaced, without having to change the discs and spacers. Thanks to this, you can save time.

Both shaft and tracked multi-saws can appear as one of the elements forming the entire production line.

With the rapid development of technology in the carpentry industry, manufacturers are trying to meet the requirements of the market. As a consequence, new and improved multi-disc saws are created. They have specialized software that makes machines more efficient and precise, as well as safe.