Multi-function woodworking machine

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Multifunctional woodworking machine is a combination of several basic machines such as:

  • planer - Aligns flat surfaces.
  • thickness - Gives materials the right thickness.
  • Piła - Used for cutting material.
  • Milling machine - Makes cutters on straight or curvilinear elements.
  • Drill - Makes holes in wood or wood-like materials.

You can do at least five operations on a multi-task machine. These machines process solid wood and wood-based materials.

These types of devices are used primarily in carpentry and furniture factories with a small area, where there is no space for several separate machines. Thanks to the small dimensions, multifunctions are also great at home workshops.

Depending on the dimensions of the machine, some models have wheels that allow you to easily move the machine around the plant. In addition, all multi-functional machines have the necessary covers, so the work for the user is safe.

Each multi-tasker also has extraction nozzles, thanks to which it can easily cooperate with the sawdust extraction. Extraction of sawdust and shavings generated during operation is a very important factor because it affects product quality, work efficiency and tool life.

Machine construction

The multifunctional machine tool has a solid body, in the center of which is the electrical installation. On one side of the machine there is a saw and milling machine, and on the other side there is a surface and thickness planer with a drill. Usually in combines a three-phase motor with 400V drive is mounted. Depending on the model, there may be one or several engines. In addition, from the side of the saw some types have a trolley, thanks to which you can easily move larger elements.

In our offer you will find both new and used multi-functional machines for various tasks. We have, among others, milling and sawing machines, planing and thicknessing machines, four-task machines as well as five-task machines. All harvesters are fully functional after technical inspections. They are brought to such a state that the customer can work on them immediately after making the purchase. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current offer.