Frame sawing machine

Trak cuts longitudinally, wipes, cuts, saws dry and wet solid wood. This type of machine is certainly great for sawmills and large and small industrial plants.

There are several types of saws:

framework - The tool that cuts the material is a saw blade. It is mounted in a vertical position. One tool or even several dozen can be installed in the machine. Frame saws also include thin-cutting sawmills, which are used to cut very thin elements such as slats.

belt - This type of sawmill has band saws with a movable cutting unit. The cutting unit moves along the cut log along the track. Depending on the model, the travel is manual or automatic. The cutting band is mounted on two wheels. Band saws have one or more cutting heads. They have a long track on which we place the prism to be cut. Some models have hydraulics mounted, thanks to which you can easily place the log on the track without any effort. The hydraulics include: loading the log, turning, leveling and wedging the log, a set of retaining arms. In addition, you can mount a debarker (collects bark from the log), microprocessor-based cutting thickness display (enter the dimension you want to get on the desktop), etc. We divide these machine tools into:

  1. Vertical - Wipe the wood with vertical band saws.
  2. horizontal - They cut wood with horizontal bands. We can divide them into horizontal trucks:
  3. Stationary - They are usually attached to the ground in such a way that they cannot move during operation.
  4. Mobile (mobile) - They have wheels and a catch, so they can be moved quickly and easily.


disc - Cutting tools on circular saws are discs that are mounted on the spindles. Circular saw blades may have one or more shields. The material being cut moves on the chain towards the chainring. The feed rollers press it down from above.

Tracks from our offer come primarily from well-known and reputable manufacturers such as: WIREX, WOOD MIZER, TRAK-MET, FOD BYDGOSZCZ, MADREW, LIGNUMA, WALTER, RESBUD, SCHUMACHER, NEVA, BOLDREW, DREWMET, TABOR, WINTERSTEIGER, WINTER etc.

We recommend new and used wood sawmills that will certainly satisfy the needs of each client. We provide professional advice, and we also have our own transport or organize forwarding to every country around the world.

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