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wood lathe cuts surfaces of various shapes, such as: rotary solids, rollers, cones, balls, external and internal threads, etc. It works mainly with wood, as well as some wood-based materials. We also distinguish metal lathes. The tools used in this type of machine are chisels, drills or turning tools.

Principle of lathe operation

stuff is placed in the centers or a lathe chuck, thanks to which the tool can precisely process the surface. Depending on the machine model, the operating principle varies. Older models of lathe-copiers have copies (templates) that are attached behind the workpiece. These templates serve as a pattern that is reflected on the machined surface. New types of lathes have specialized software. After entering the design into the computer program, the machine makes a pattern on the material.

Thanks to the great development of technology, lathes have been replaced by advanced CNC machining centers. They differ from ordinary turning machines in that they have extensive electronics and numerical controls. As a consequence, the elements are made with greater precision, and above all in a shorter time of production. Operating machinery requires extensive knowledge and knowledge of software.

Advantages of modern lathes - copiers:

  • High precision and quality of workmanship,
  • Very high performance
  • Only one operator is needed to operate the machine,
  • The machine does not require physical effort,
  • Numerical control
  • They will make all possible shapes,
  • The durable construction of the machine allows for multi-shift operation
  • Wide use of machine tools etc.

Wood lathes is used primarily in carpentry and furniture factories in the production of furniture such as tables, chairs, wardrobes, etc. In addition, these machine tools are great in both small workshops and mass production on a global scale.

In our assortment you can find various types of turning machines - from simple lathes to specialized CNC devices. We have new and used lathes from reputable and world-famous producers. The products we offer are certainly appreciated by carpenters.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact our technicians who know all types of joinery machines. They will definitely help you make the right choice.