Wide belt sander

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Wide belt sander for wood szlifuje powierzchnie materiałów z drewna litego, płyt okleinowanych, sklejki itp. Ma możliwość szlifowania zgrubnie, wygładzająco lub kalibrująco. Zależy to od rodzaju / granulacji papieru ściernego. Maszyna ma zastosowanie w fabrykach mebli, zakładach stolarskich, zakładach płyt  okleinowanych itd.

This type of grinder is characterized by above all, high performance and high precision of the elements made. We owe this thanks to the necessary equipment, which includes:

  • Shoe - acts as a pressure foot. It presses sandpaper, as a result of which the quality of grinding is more satisfactory. Boots can be pressed pneumatically (using air) or mechanically.
  • Calibration roller - May be rubber or metal. Usually this shaft is grooved. Used for calibration, i.e. grinding to the exact thickness
  • Cleaning brush - It is designed to clean the material of dust generated during grinding.


The combination of the abovementioned elements forms the entire grinding aggregate. Depending on the application of the machine tool, one or more aggregates may be present. There are grinders that additionally have a cross-mounted grinding belt.

Manufacturers improve grinding machines by adding various additional functions to them, such as: microprocessor-based grinding height displays (they allow you to program parameters without having to set them manually), centering the belt (from the feed drive, thanks to it, the transmission belt does not slip), positioners (used for for determining the thickness of the material), blowing paper (cleaning sandpaper), Vacum pumps (they suck the element, thanks to which it cannot move during operation), etc.

Wide belt sanders should work with dust collectors. A well-adjusted extraction will make the grinding machine do its job even more accurately.

The grinders we offer are appreciated by customers. We focus primarily on wide-belt grinders of known and reputable brands such as: OTT, SANDIGMASTER, DMC, SICAR, SAC, BUTFERING, HOUFEK, WINTER etc. Thanks to this, every buyer can be sure that the machine purchased in our company will be durable and ensure reliable operation, even with very intensive use.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of wide-belt sanders.