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Do other grinding machines include mainly machine tools:

  • drum - These machines have a power unit with a spindle, on which we attach the tool. These tools include: brushed grinding drums, pneumatic grinding drums, as well as grinding and polishing tools. They smooth wooden or wood-based surfaces. They grind flat, convex and profiled materials of various shapes.
  • Looping - It mainly grinds flat wooden or wood-based surfaces. They have one or more grinding aggregates. They have the possibility of grinding from above and below. A through-grinder usually processes narrow widths. The material moves along a belt mounted in the countertop or by means of pulling rollers.
  • curvilinear – Jak sama nazwa wskazuje, służy do szlifowania materiałów krzywoliniowych.
  • brushing - They are used for aging, structuring, gentle grinding and smoothing flat wooden and wood-based surfaces. Brushes use metal, hard and soft plastic brushes, hard bristles or hard bristles with sandpaper. These machines have different brushing widths. They usually have two or more aggregates. The principle of brushes is similar to wide-belt grinders. The material moves along the conveyor belt. Rollers are mounted from above to press the element.
  • For dowels - Precisely processes round bars made of wood and wood-like materials. Grinds both raw materials and spray-painted elements. In one cycle, grinding and roughing.
  • scraper - Sand flat and dry wooden floors. The device has a roller on which sandpaper of appropriate grain is wound.


Grinders appearing in our sales offer are characterized above all by precise workmanship, solid construction and high efficiency. All machines come from well-known and respected producers all over the world. These machines are great for both large and small woodworking plants and for mass production.

We have a wide selection of different types of grinding machine tools. All of them are after technical and electrical review. Each of them is fully functional and ready to work.

We provide you with professional advice in choosing the right type of grinder. Everyone will certainly find a machine for themselves. We invite you to visit our company's headquarters or website where every machine tool from our warehouse is located.