Woodworking sander, it is mainly used for finishing edges or entire wooden surfaces previously worked by other carpentry machines. Gives each wooden element a proper structure or smoothness.

What wood grinder?

When looking for a grinding machine for finishing wooden surfaces, we must first determine what wood and shape we will work with. There are really many types of wood grinders. That is why we offer a wide selection in our range and present a list of grinding machines:

First of all, depending on the work performed, we need to determine which machine will be suitable. Secondly, we define the machine parameters and the material we want to process.

A wood grinder for professionals and DIY?

What should we primarily pay attention to when buying a device for a professional or DIY.

- dimensions of the workpiece made of wood,
- sandpaper width,
- engine power,
- size,
- price.

In summary, each of our grinders is distinguished by its intuitive operation, which will significantly facilitate the work on many materials and in different shapes.

Manufacturers of wood grinders

In our offer you will find, for example, producers of such brands as: SAFO, HOLZMANN, OTT, HOUFEK, MAWEG, SANDIG MASTER, BUTFERING, GRIGGIO, HESS, VAN RAAY, PONY, WINTER, ROJEK.