compressor compresses air sucked in from the atmosphere to operating pressure. The device has a suction filter that separates dust along with other particles from the intake air.

Considering the compression method, we distinguish compressors:

Lobe - They draw air into the compression chamber, then close, compress and pump compressed air into the tank. Displacement compressors are divided into:

  • piston:
  1. Single stage - They are used for working pressure up to 10 bar and capacity 100m3 / h
  2. Two-stage with cooling - With intercooling as a result of pre-compression, the air is cooled before entering the second high compression ratio. These devices are used at a pressure of 7 to 10 bar.
  • Membrane - They compress air through a tight and tight membrane. They produce compressed air that is free of impurities. They are great above all in supplying medical equipment as well as in the food industry. This type of diaphragm compressor is maintenance-free and reaches an operating pressure of up to 10 bar.
  • Rotational - At 2-stage compression with cooling, they create an operating pressure of up to about 7 bar. These compressors work quietly. If oil is introduced into the compression chambers during compression, a pressure of up to 10 bar can be achieved in single-stage rotary screw and multi-chamber devices. The oil is used to lubricate, cool and seal the impeller.
  • Screw - They have two shafts joined together with a screw profile. During rotation, these profiles roll around, but they pump air around the body walls from the suction to the pressure side.
  • Rotary large chamber - It draws in air through a filter and suction valve. During compression, oil is injected into the chambers, which is separated from the air in the oil-air tank before the air is transferred to the network. After cooling and filtering, the oil is injected again.

flow - are also known as turbines. They suck and accelerate atmospheric air through wheels with blades or propellers. The kinetic energy of the stream in the connected tank is transformed into the potential energy of compressed air. These compressors are primarily characterized by high efficiency. We divide flow devices into axial and radial compressors.