Dry painting booth

Varnish wall is used to paint panel elements. Designed primarily for varnishing work by continuous spraying: varnish or solvent paints.

There are two types of walls:

Dry - Extracts mists from painting or varnishing. The purification and extraction of polluted air is achieved by means of a double filtration system. This system consists of filters:

  • cardboard - They are at the front of the machine. They are used in the first stage of filtration - they absorb 95% of impurities. These filters use the principle of inertial separation. This means that the airflow, which is filled with varnish particles, undergoes continuous and repeated changes of direction. Paint particles are heavier than air, therefore they settle in filter bags.
  • "Paint - Stop" - It consists of long glass fibers, which are finished with synthetic resin and arranged in the direction of air flow. In the second filtration process, "Paint - Stop" stops the rest of the impurities. This filter is characterized by high thermal resistance as well as high dust and dust accumulation capacity. It is surrounded by a metal frame.

Wet - Similar to dry walls. In wet walls, instead of cardboard filters, a water curtain is used. Thanks to it, the dust generated during painting stops on the water and flows down. In addition, a water purifying filter can be installed with the water pump. We distinguish wet paint walls, which in their construction have platforms flooded with water. Thanks to them, the dust generated in the painting process does not settle on the floor, but penetrates into the water in the platform.

The walls have fans for air extraction. There are two types of fans:

  1. radial - It is made on the principle of an ordinary fan, i.e. the rotor is mounted on the rotor drive shaft.
  2. duct - They have a built-in pipe, in the center of which a rotor with a motor is mounted.

Paint walls are used primarily in furniture factories and carpentry workshops. They are also great at other industrial plants.

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