There are many types, primarily the following presses:

  • vacuum - These types of presses are used primarily in the production of coffins, furniture, doors, etc. This machine presses simple and shaped elements such as plywood, laminated laminates, veneers, etc. This machine creates a vacuum in the working chamber, as a result of which the membrane adheres to the material and creates a vacuum. Thanks to the increased temperature, the adhesive dries faster, which affects the better quality of the product.
  • Shelf - They have one or several shelves that are heated with water or electrically. Shelves, depending on the surface, are lifted on four or more pistons. They have pressure gauges to adjust the pressure. Electrically heated shelves have temperature control. The shelf presses also include pass-through presses, which have a machine feeding and emptying system. They are mainly used for ironing large surfaces.
  • eccentric - Eccentric presses work on the principle of reciprocating movement through the arm mounted on the eccentric. They are used primarily to press or bend various elements.
  • trapezoid - Trapezoidal presses stick the material in a vertical position. They are characterized by sticking material on the right and left side of the machine. Thanks to this solution, we save space in the plant.
  • windmills - Operating principle similar to trapezoidal presses. Differs in more ironing stations. It has four or more ironing units mounted on a rotary axis.
  • For plywood - Gluing presses glue individual wooden elements into one table top or step, etc.
  • To do - They stick lengthwise milled material with finger joints or similar type of joints.


All the above-mentioned presses can be:

  1. pneumatic - Pressure on the material is achieved by injecting compressed air into piston cylinders or airbags.
  2. hydraulic - Pressurized oil is pumped into the servomotors.
  3. mechanical - Pressure on the element is achieved by tightening the screws.

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