Sliding table saw

Sliding table saw for wood to niezawodna maszyna, która powinna znajdować się na wyposażeniu każdego zakładu stolarskiego, meblowego  a także innych gałęzi przemysłu drzewnego.

The format saw is used for cutting:

  • Transverse wood,
  • Longitudinal wood,
  • Wood at an angle,
  • Wood-based questions,
  • Plastic plates,
  • Some non-ferrous metals - depending on manufacturer's recommendations.


Description of the format saw

Formatting saws consist mainly of:

  • Machine body - It is made of solid material
  • Table - Usually made of cast iron
  • Saw unit - Panel saws have two spindles - the main spindle for the shield and the second spindle for the scoring unit. Both adjust up / down and at an angle (depending on the model).
  • Format trolley - It is attached to the countertop. The length of the trolley depends on the saw model. The trolley guides are different. Older types have bakelite (wooden guide). Newer versions have trapezoidal guidance or steel rods, which are the most common and the most common solution for driving a format trolley today.
  • Transverse trolley - An additional cart mounted on a format cart. It can be adjusted along the entire length of the format trolley. This trolley has a guide that can be adjusted at an angle. Its task is to support high-performance material during cutting operations.
  • The guard drank - All saws are equipped with covers that protect the operator against accident. The saw cover is mounted on a long arm with the possibility of adjustment. It has a suction outlet.
  • fence - It is mounted on a pipe attached to the saw table. Thanks to it you can precisely determine the cutting width.

Due to the large development of the wood industry, manufacturers are constantly improving their products. The formatting machines have electric shields adjustments, so you don't waste time setting the spindles. The new saws have electronic readers, which certainly affects the precision of cutting. Thanks to such facilities, we gain on the efficiency of machines.

In our warehouse we have a lot of saws with different parameters, which will certainly be great at every carpenter's factory. Models differ primarily in the size of the discs and cutting, engine power, number and size of revolutions, etc.