Knife sharpener

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Sharpening first of all, sharp woodworking tools such as:

  • Planing knives for planers, thicknessers, planers, wood chippers,
  • Circular saws,
  • Drills,
  • Different types of cutters,
  • Planing heads etc.

There are sharpeners designed for sharpening:

One type of tool

have only one sharpening unit. We include the following sharpeners:

  1. For knives - have solid bodies on which the sharpening aggregate is mounted. It includes a sharpening stone and a beam on which we attach the knives. Depending on the machine model, the knives can be mounted with screws or on a magnet. This beam adjusts. The tool carrier travel is manual or automatic. On some models, the sharpened knife is fixed, and the stone slides along the tool.
  2. For circular saws - As with knife sharpeners, they have a body fitted with a sharpening stone. Just before the sharpening tool, a special beam is mounted on which the disc is mounted. Grinders usually adjust at an angle. These devices usually have reduction sleeves to sharpen discs of various sizes. Operation of this type of grinder can be manual or automatic.
  3. For band saws - They also sharpen stones. The sharpeners have arms on which a belt is attached, which moves manually or automatically (depending on the model). The tool usually adjusts at an angle. There are two types of sharpeners: straight and rail.
  4. For drills - The entire sharpening unit is inside the body. These devices usually have many spacers with different diameters.
  5. For cutters and heads - A head or cutter is mounted on the spindle. The grinding stone aggregate moves along the sharpened tools. Depending on the type of head or milling cutter, the aggregate moves in a straight line or along a special pattern.



In their construction they have one sharpening aggregate, which is adapted to mount various sharpening stones. It has the ability to set in different positions. In addition, you can mount various types of attachments to the machine, which are included. Thanks to this, it is possible to sharpen cutters, heads, discs, planer knives.

In every sharpener, so-called special fluid cooling is usually installed, which is intended to prevent overheating of the tools.

All sharpeners of this type can be small hand-held devices or large specialized machines with computer controls.