Dowel rounding machine

Wood lathe processes wood round and round to the desired diameters. It mainly treats wooden rollers and stakes. The resulting products can be used to build summer houses, garden furniture, playgrounds, etc.

Construction of turning machines

The roller machine has a large body, in the center of which a head with knives and a feed drive are mounted. At the beginning, the machine has a short introduction top that guides the element to the pulling rollers, toothed. Behind the set of pre-rollers there is a planing head with knives. Typically, these heads have three or four planing knives. The set of blades consists of preliminary and finishing knives. Just behind the head, bushes supporting the material are mounted. The size of the sleeve depends on the set dimension of the element being processed. Then the processed shaft passes through smooth pull rollers. The distance between the feed rollers is adjusted manually or electrically depending on the height of the material. In addition, these rollers are mounted on springs or can be pressed pneumatically with compressed air. Usually the pull wheels are covered with metal mesh covers. The planing head has a solid metal cover to protect the operator. Therefore, working on turning machines is safe.

Motors that are used in log planers are usually three-phase. The feed has a separate motor with several assigned speeds or smooth regulation of the feed speed on the inverter, gear or variator.

In addition, log machines can have two spindles on which milling cutters are mounted. This allows grooves or cuts along the work shaft. Such products are great for building log houses.

Our offer is directed mainly to construction plants, carpentry workshops as well as sawmills and other woodworking plants. We have wood turning machines that come from well-known manufacturers such as SAFO, HAMECH, BEZNER, WEMA PROBST, WINTER etc.

Each rolling machine from our offer will definitely be great at work. They are all overhauled, fully functional and ready to work.