Router milling machine

Router mainly wood, as well as wood-based materials and even sometimes aluminum (depending on the manufacturer's recommendations). As the name implies, the milling spindle with motor is mounted from above, i.e. above the workpiece.

Construction of spindle moulders:

Machines of this type may be equipped with one or more tools. They are usually high speed and have several different speeds of rotation. The spindle is adjustable up / down, usually pneumatically controlled by a foot pedal with the option of setting the milling depth. In addition, a retractable mandrel is mounted directly under the milling cutter, which allows milling according to the pattern.

Obrabiarka górnowrzecionowa wykonuje różnego rodzaju obróbki, takie jak:

  • frezowanie,
  • profiling,
  • removing layers of paint and varnish from profiled wooden elements,
  • making cut-outs to connect boards (so-called dovetails),
  • making holes for joining wooden elements (so-called plugs),
  • making recesses along the edges, grooves and shallow holes,
  • making decorative inscriptions in wooden elements, cleaning seals and putty of window frames, doors, etc.

Milling machines with an upper spindle are mainly used in smaller carpentry, furniture and craft workshops etc. In larger plants and factories more advanced machines are used.

Deciding to buy upper spindle milling machines certainly pay attention to:

  • Engine power - thanks to the high power on the machine you can process very hard wood, and in addition the larger the engine, the faster and more efficient the processing. The engine power also affects the maximum speed, which translates into high performance milling machines.
  • Maximum milling depth adjustment - thanks to the large milling depth it is possible to machine very large parts.
  • Machine design - solid machine construction allows for long and trouble-free operation, and moreover, thanks to the strong construction, the machine does not get vibrated.

In our offer you will find milling machines with an upper spindle, which come from various manufacturers enjoying a high reputation. They are all after technical inspections, fully functional and ready for work. You can connect and check each milling machine before making a purchase. Our technician will definitely help you make the right choice.

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