Spindle moulders

Wood spindle milling machine  is a joinery machine that should be in every woodworking plant. Milling machines make various types of cutters, grooves, projections, notches, tenons, fingers, forks etc. on straight or curvilinear elements.

Construction of the milling machine

  • Each profiler has a solid body on which the table top is mounted. The table has a spindle hole that is adjustable up / down or at an angle.
    Depending on the model, the axes are interchangeable and also locked. The locking function makes it easy to change the milling cutter for another, because during unscrewing the axis does not rotate, but is constant. Spindles can be short or long. The long one has an additional support from above that protects the axle from bending. Each axis is usually equipped with spacers that push the milling cutter down.
  • A guide is included in the set with the spindle. This culaga adjusts forward / backward, right / left and rotates 360 degrees.
  • A motor is mounted under the top of the horizontal milling machine. The motor drives the spindle through a belt transmission.
  • Milling machines have one or several types of spindle speed. In addition, the spindle switches to the right or left.
  • The milling machine control panel is located on an additional arm and rotates, therefore the operator has easy access to control the machine. On some models, it appears under the counter on the machine body.
  • The milling machine can have long tops for working with long material and a trolley for tenoning.
  • Another additional equipment that a milling machine can have is mechanical feed also known as a tank. The feed is mounted in the milling top. The tank has rubber pulling rollers. The wheels press the material and move it along the guide.
  • In addition, all machines of this type have the necessary covers for work safety as well as brakes.

The milling machine should be connected to a sawdust extraction system. The purpose of connecting it is mainly to improve the quality of milling. The device thoroughly sucks off chips generated during operation. The grooving machine has specially adapted leads.

Working principle of the milling machine

  • Place the workpiece on the milling table and move it manually or by feed along the guide in the direction of the cutter. We take the finished element off the milling machine table.

By deciding to buy a carpentry milling machine, the user will first of all improve the work in his plant and in addition certainly every product will be made precisely and professionally.

The most important features that should be followed when buying are primarily:
- spindle diameter,
- tool diameter,
- engine power,
- number of rotation speeds,
– możliwość regulacji wrzeciona i prowadnicy itp.