Milling machine

Woodworking milling machine, intended primarily for the carpentry industry. The task of the milling machine is to make more complex shapes (cutters) that give the wood the right look. Finishing operations include rounding the edges, making holes for hinges or grooves in wooden materials.

What wood milling machine?

Starting your adventure with milling, we must first of all determine what wood we will work with. Next, the selection of the exact milling cutter that we will mount to the machine and then choosing the right one milling machines.

Depending on the work performed, we offer carpentry machines such as:

The differences in the construction of these milling machines depend on the mounting of the spindle. The name itself, as it indicates exactly, is the movement of the spindle from below or above.

Wood milling machine for professional and DIY?

What should we primarily pay attention to when buying a device for a professional or DIY.

- spindle diameter,
- tool diameter,
- engine power,
- size,
- price,
- number of rotation speeds,
- adjustable spindle and guide.

However, before we start working on the milling machine, we must carefully think about what effect we want to achieve. We choose the right machine so that the comfort of working with the material is adequate. Not forgetting to choose a cutter that should have the right shape. In addition, remember to check how to choose the right speed for the cutters used, usually this information can be found in the machine's manual.

Manufacturers of wood milling machines

In our offer you will find, for example, producers of such brands as: GOMAD, GOMA, SCHNEIDER, PAGONU, HOLZMANN, JAROMA, MARTIN, BAUERLE, STOMANA.