Wood mortising machine mainly makes sockets and holes for door locks, door handle and key, as well as holes for pivots. Mortisers are great in every furniture and carpentry workshop, craft and renovation workshop, and they are also used in industrial plants for mass production.

Slotting machines can be divided into:

  • Stationary - They have a solid body, on top of which a chisel assembly is mounted. This aggregate consists of a motor that is mounted on special pipe guides and a guide with a fixed chain. The entire chisel assembly is adjusted up / down, right / left, front / back, and on some models also at an angle. Under the chain chisel there is a worktop with material pressure. Usually these machines have two tops - for small and large elements. Some models of mortising machines have central chain lubrication. This lubrication can be manual or automatic.
    There are mortisers with an additional drilling function. The most common are slotting machines with two drills on the sides of a slotting machine. They drill shallow holes / inlets for lock plates. In addition, horizontal drills with oscillation are mounted, which drill holes for the handle and the lock insert.
  • portable - They are mainly characterized by the fact that they are small and do not take up much space. They can be mounted to the table or leaned on the workpiece. Like stationary slotting machines, they have a slotting aggregate and a motor. In addition, the principle of operation is also the same as in stationary slotting machines. Portable mortisers are most often used primarily on construction sites.

Drilling and mortising machines are also distinguished, which, as the name suggests, can work as a mortiser or drill. To be able to use the drill option, a special attachment must be mounted on which a fixed straight chisel is attached. In its center a drill is mounted, which rotates. Thanks to this, we get pins with right angles.
Drilling and mortising machines have solid bodies, on which the top is fixed. An aggregate is mounted on the side of the table top, which can be adjusted up / down, right / left, front / rear. This aggregate usually has a blocking length of travel to make several of the same holes. Material clamps are mounted above the table top.