Thicknesser Robland D 630


4 solid columns supporting thickening table
Infinitely variable feed of the workpiece speed from 5 to 22m / min.
Digital thickness gauge reading
Drive of the planer shaft through a triple gear block
Drive of the feed roller on a double chain
Tool for setting knives
The price is for a machine without rolls in the bottom worktop


- new machine
- warranty
- CE certificate
- documentation in Polish
- Belgian production


shaft width 63 cm
number of knives 4szt
shaft diameter 120mm
rotation speed 5200obr / min
max planing height 300mm
max planing width 630mm
max planing thickness 8mm
in advance:

- introductory, pulling, toothed, and torsional
- peeling
-2 shafts leading, smooth, pulling

from down: 2 shafts, smooth, pulling - option
dimensions of the work table 630x1000mm
lifting the countertop on 4 screws
Smooth feed speed regulation 5-22m / min
feed motor 0,75kW
main engine 7,5kW
table lifting engine 0,55kW
diameter of the extraction nozzle 160mm
dimensions length / width / height 1220 / 1430 / 1220mm
weight 1050kg

Optional equipment:
Two rolls in the table allow for easier moving of damp wood
Segmental shaft. Thanks to the segment feeding rolls, it is possible to work with wood of various thicknesses and to move long elements with the difference between the beginning and the end to 2 mm
Ters' block. It guarantees high cutting precision and convenient and quick change of knives
Scissor table
Spiral shaft

The machine is equipped with elements that are visible in the picture.

Offered machines are fully operational, after a technical review. You can check them at the place of purchase.

* the only such machine, photos and description refer to the offered machine.

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PLN net33000,00
PLN gross40590,00

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1049PLN Gross / 48mies.


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