FABA PI-521VT Modeling dipper D40x30

FABA PI-521VT Modeling dipper D40x30
Catalog number P2101368


Formizing piles with the average number of teeth and group toothing, trapezoidal - flat (GA), typ PI-521VT with pads made of hard cemented carbide (T), intended for package cutting of particle boards, laminated boards, LDF and MDF
Special laser cutouts (V) reduce the nuisance of noise by about half


Piła Nowa
Cut type - longitudinal and transverse in the package
Purpose - chipboard, laminated, LDF, MDF


outer diameter of the circular saw

diameter of the circular saw hole 30mm
plate width (kerf) HM 4,4mm
the thickness of the HM saw blade 3,2mm
number of teeth 72
geometry GA

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PLN net317,00
PLN gross389,91

Availability: 4 pieces.

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