Sawblade CMT

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The cutting disc is the final effect of complex designs and technical solutions. Each blade is analyzed in terms of angle of attack, method of sharpening, chip evacuation system and location and sound attenuation. CMT combines the knowledge and experience of its engineers with the latest manufacturing technology. The result is saws which in standard feature: anti-vibration cuts - which by reducing the vibrations generated during cutting extend the life of the tool, affect the accuracy and cleanliness of the cut; expansion tension - the shape of the hook is designed to reduce noise during operation and adjust the body during expansion and contraction after the effect of the generated heat. For the production of discs, only two materials are used: steel and cemented carbide. CMT saws through all stages of production are machined on CNC machines. The advanced technology and precision of CNC machines ensures the highest quality of each disc. And it also allows careful and effective control of the quality of the entire process.