A.COSTA PUMA / 2 / SS / 350 multi-track caterpillar

75 900,00 PLN netto

93 357,00 PLN gross


in stock

5362 in stock 1400 PLN net .


- Italian production
- double shaft
- ideal for large components
- used multi-saw, perfect condition


track width 350mm
shaft width 355mm
diameter of the disk hole 80mm
diameter of the axis 60mm
* in advance
2 clamping shafts +
pawl +
smooth shaft +
pawl +
smooth shaft +
pawl +
shaft with saws +
smooth shaft +
pawl +
smooth shaft +
* from down
2 pulling shaft gears +
pawl +
caterpillar +
shaft with saws +
caterpillar +
2 shafts, smooth, sliding +
rolls pneumatically pressed +
max cutting height 180mm
max blade diameter 300mm
main engine 2x37kW
electric lifting of the top / bottom body +
central lubrication +
diameter of the extraction nozzle 2x220mm
dimensions length / width / height 2740x2080x1640mm
weight 4000kg


Wielopiła is used for cutting boards and slats from piles. The thickness of the board and skirting board depends on the distance sleeves between saws, with the saws working on both spindles working in the same vertical plane, which gives the possibility of using saws with a smaller diameter and thickness, the advantage of this type of solution is a smaller kerf (reduction of material losses and energy consumption ). Multibels of this type are used in large industrial plants as well as in small craft plants dealing with wood processing.

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