Four-side planer WINTER TIMBERMAX 6-23 U DELUXE

174 000,00 PLN netto

214 020,00 PLN gross


- new machine

to order

W0545 to order 1100 PLN net .


- new machine
- warranty
- CE certificate
- professional
- German production


planing width: 20-230mm
planing height 8-160mm
min the length of the material 840mm (single) / 400mm (standard)
number of spindles 6 (5 + universal)
spindle diameter Ø 40mm
rotation speed 6000obr / min
feed speed steplessly 6-36m / min
tool diameters:
1 lower leveling spindle max Ø 125mm
2 right vertical spindle max Ø 200mm
3 vertical spindle max Ø 200mm
4 top leveling spindle max Ø 180mm
5 lower leveling spindle max Ø 200mm
6 universal spindle max Ø 160mm
spindle rotation universal 6800obr / min
Spindle order:
1 bottom 5,5kW
2 right vertical 5,5kW
3 left vertical 7,5kW
4 top 7,5kW
5 bottom 7,5kW
6 universal 7,5kW
motor power feed 5,5kW
engine power setting height 0,75kW
total power 47,25kW
universal spindle rotated at 360 °
connection of compressed air max 6bar
stub pipes 6x150mm
dimensions length / width / height 5190 / 1860 / 1830mm
weight 6000 kg

- hard chromed table
- CE certificate
- lubrication pump
- pneumatic clamping of the feed rollers
- feed on cardanach
- 3 driven table rollers
- stable cast-iron base
- electrically adjustable upper spindle with a feed system

Net price calculated according to the 4,20 euro exchange rate
(with higher price fluctuations the price may change)

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