Four-side planer WEINIG POWERMAT 500

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233 577,00 PLN gross


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4771 in stock 1200 PLN net .


- Memory System - remembers the position of the tools
PawerLock - quick tool change
- digital indicators for setting the width and height
- year of production 2009
- DTR, CE documentation
- on 6 heads
- used planer, perfect condition


max width of the workpiece 230mm
max. height of the workpiece 150mm
number of spindles 6
1) horizontal lower 230mm 7,5kW
2) vertical right 180mm 7,5kW
3) vertical left 150mm, PowerLock system 7,5kW
4) vertical right 180mm 5,5kW
5) horizontal upper 230mm 11kW
6) horizontal lower 230mm 7,5kW
all heads adjustable up / down, right left +
spindle revolutions 8000obr / min
5 spindles equipped with brakes (without 3 head) +
diameter of spindles 40mm
- in advance:
XNUM-threading, 7, 5, XNUMX, XNUMX +
rolling pins, rubber, double 2szt +
- from down:
rolling roller smooth in the 4 behind the head +
pulling rubber pulling roller 1
pneumatically adjustable shafts +
length of the countertop 1970mm
adjustable top / bottom top +
central lubrication +
electric adjustment of planing thickness +
smooth regulation of feed speed on the inverter 5-30m / min
feed on cardan shaft +
closed in the cabin +
working pressure 6-10bar
diameters of the extraction pipe 6x140mm
dimensions length / width / height 4030x2250x1970mm
weight around 4000kg


- max width of workpiece 230mm
- max workpiece height 150mm
- 6 heads

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