Four-side planer FMM 520

51 900,00 PLN netto

63 837,00 PLN gross


in stock

5701 in stock 1200 PLN net .


- on 5 heads
- for wet and dry wood
- locked in the cabin
- original DTR documentation
- used planer, very good condition


max width of the workpiece 200mm
max. height of the workpiece 140mm
number of spindles 5
1) horizontal lower 200mm 5,5kW
2) vertical right 140mm 5,5kW
3) vertical left 140mm 5,5kW
4) horizontal upper 200mm 5,5kW
5) horizontal lower 200mm 5,5kW
all spindles adjustable up / down, right / left +
diameter of spindles 40mm
spindle revolutions 6000obr / min
- in advance:
6 input, pulling, toothed and metal input rollers, including 1 double +
2 output rollers, smooth, including 1 double +
metal, pulling, gearing, torsion roller in the worktop from the bottom +
from the bottom output, pulling, smooth, metal in the countertop +
on the side three clamps including one double +
length of the countertop 2120mm
central lubrication of the table top and overhead cranes +
electric adjustment of planing thickness +
Smooth feed speed regulation 6-24m / min
feed on cardan shaft +
pneumatic clamps +
feed motor 3kW
working pressure 6 10-bar
closed in the cabin +
diameter of the suction stubs 5x130mm
dimensions length / width / height 4080x1900x1900mm
weight around 3500kg


The main purpose of the machine is machining from four sides of a wooden beam, strip, floorboard, wooden window and door frames as well as components etc. The machine tool can also be used to make profiles after removing the appropriate tools.
The planer is used in both small and large carpentry workshops.

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