REMA FX500 format saw - MANUAL

37 600,00 PLN netto

46 248,00 PLN gross


to order

RE023 to order 1400 PLN net .


- new machine
- CE certificate
- warranty from the manufacturer - REMA
- professional
- Polish production
- 6kW main engine


max diameter of the main saw 450mm (option 500mm)
The height of the main saw adjustment in the vertical
for ⌀300 saw 0-75mm
for ⌀350 saw 0-100mm
for ⌀400 saw 20-125mm
for ⌀450 saw 45-150mm
for N500 saw (option) 90-175mm
The height of the main saw adjustment at an angle 45 °
for ⌀300 saw 0-50mm
for ⌀350 saw 0-70mm
for ⌀400 saw 12-85mm
for ⌀450 saw 30-105mm
for N500 saw (option) 63-122mm
Tilt saw blade 0-45 ° / (optional) 0-46 °
Sawing length using the auxiliary table
with a strip at the back of the table for the movable table 300 = 3000mm
Cutting width at the guide
Bumper 50-1750mm
Cuff (from - to) 1965-3200mm
Bumper with digital reading 50-1630mm
Max. distance of the longitudinal guide from the saw 1400mm
Main engine power 6kW (option 7,5kW)
The engine power of the cutting spindle 0,75kW
Diameter of circular saw cutting spindle 120-130mm
Rotational speed of the cutting spindle 8500obr / min
Diameter of the main spindle tip 30mm
Diameter of the tip of the cutting spindle 20mm
Main spindle speed 3500 / 4500 / 6000 revolutions per minute
Dimensions of the movable table 300 table: 416x3010mm
Locking of the movable table +
Dimensions of the fixed table 705x1500mm
Table working height 890mm
Overall dimensions of the saw
length for the 300 table: 3500mm
width 3690 + extension (total 4990mm)
maximum height 1950mm
The outer diameter of the sawdust extraction - the upper cover 80mm
The outer diameter of the sawdust extraction - bottom suction cup 125mm
The air requirement of the bottom nozzle 900m3 / h
The air demand of the upper cover 360m3 / h
Air speed in suction nozzles 28m / s
Mass 1250 kg


The price is for the model - manual height and tilt angle adjustment of the main saw
The Fx 500 chainsaw is a new automatic format saw from the Polish manufacturer REMA SA Sets the highest standards for format saws. It is distinguished by its strong construction and high machining parameters. The saw is equipped with a drive aggregate enabling the operation of circular saw blades with diameters from Ø300 to Ø450 mm (option 500mm) ensuring maximum sawing height 150mm (175mm at the 500mm blade) together with the undercutter. The standard cutting width at the longitudinal line is as much as 1400 mm.

- Trolley guiding the aluminum movable table with automatic compensation of slack,
- 416 mm wide multi-chamber movable table profile run on 4 steel rollers and 12 eccentric rollers,
- Stable moving table guidance on 4 steel bars with a hardness of 60 HRC. The increased diameter of the steel rollers of the trolley translates into the lightness of travel of the aluminum table assembly,
- Thanks to the mechanisms used, the top guard adapts to the height of the material being processed, which ensures safe work of the saw. The cover is mounted on a pipe that also serves as a sawdust discharge,
- Wireless start / stop switch located on the movable table (option),
- Additional support table increasing the support surface of the processed material (option),
- Continuous electronic reading of the sawing angle - standard for versions with gearmotors.
- Electronic saw height reading - standard for versions with gearmotors.
- Electronic gauge for sawing width of longitudinal ruler with absolute memory function with an accuracy of 0,1 mm (option),
- Cast iron handle with adjustable height and sawing angle using gearmotors.

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