Saw format REMA Fx400

29 700,00 PLN netto

36 531,00 PLN gross


- new machine, in stock

- 400mm / 6kW / 3000mm

in stock

RE022 in stock 1200 PLN net .


- new machine
- DTR + CE documentation
- warranty from the manufacturer - REMA
- professional
- 6kW main engine


inclination of the circular saw 0-46˚
main engine power 6kW
length of cutting on the trolley 3000mm
rotational speed of the main spindle 3500 / 4500obr / min
spindle diameter 30mm
diameter of the main target 300-400mm
max diameter of the podcinaka 125mm
power of the podcinak engine 0,75kW
rotary speed of the podcinaka 8500obr / min
spindle diameter 20mm
cutting width at the guide 1280mm
sawing width using bumpers on the auxiliary table 215-3200mm
cutting height for 300mm 90 ° / 45 ° 90 / 60mm
cutting height for 350mm 90 ° / 45 ° 5-115 / 3,5-80mm
cutting height for 400mm 90 ° / 45 ° 25-140 / 15,5-95mm
diameter of the extraction nozzle 80mm, 125mm
dimensions length / width / height 3300 / 3460 / 1500mm
weight 750kg


The Fx400 saw is a new format saw from the Polish manufacturer REMA SA that meets all the basic functions necessary for the proper cutting of the wood-based board.
The saw is equipped with a drive aggregate enabling the operation of circular saws with diameters from Ø 300 - Ø 400 mm ensuring a maximum sawing height of 140 mm together with the scoring unit. The standard cutting width at the longitudinal line is up to 1280mm. A functional auxiliary table (1300 mm long and 600 mm wide) with a steel roller Ø 50 mm and an adjustable stop length 1800 mm with extension up to 3200 mm
Cast iron longitudinal liner body with quick clamping mechanism and micro-adjustment in sawing range up to 1300 mm.
Strong support table support run on 6 rollers with height adjustment function.
A saw with a table L-3000 mm standard version. The upper cover adjusts to the height of the material to be worked, which ensures safe work of the saw. Fixing the cover on the pipe performing the function of sawdust extraction
Handwheels for setting the height and angle of sawing equipped with inertial indicators
Cast iron handle with adjustable height and sawing angle. The diameter of the main saw blade 400 mm, the diameter of the undercutter 125 mm
Cast iron aggregate mounted on solid arches of the 6 kW main engine and 0,75 kW cutter
Multi-chamber profile of movable table with 416 mm width run on 4 steel rolls and 12 eccentric rolls
Electronic indicator of the longitudinal scale bumper setting with absolute memory function with an accuracy of 0,1 mm (option - PLN 2.950 net)
Electronic gauge for sawing width of the transverse ruler with absolute memory function with an accuracy of 0,1 mm (option - PLN 2.950 net)

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