HOLZMANN FKS 400VF-3200 format saw

20 670,00 PLN netto

25 424,10 PLN gross


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H0242 in stock 900 PLN net .


- Austrian production
- new machine
- CE certificate
- warranty
- professional
- trolley on steel bars
- 5,5kW main engine


max blade diameter 400mm
cutting length 3200mm
cutting width 1350mm
cutting height 90 ° F / ° 45 -120 / 75mm
diameter of the podcinaka 120x20mm
main saw revolutions 3000,4000,5500obr / min
revolutions of the podcinaka 9000obr / min
engine 5,5 kW / 400V
subcutter engine 1,1kW
dimensions length / width / height 3220 / 3150 / 900mm
weight 800kg


Shield adjustable up / down and 45 degrees
Trolley on steel bars
Digital display
Electric saw setting
Table extension
Widening the table
Gear for cutting at an angle
Main blade and undercut saw included

Strong and massive machine design, large, profiled aluminum format table with boom, ideal for machining large parts and for cutting large, heavy plates, very stable frame construction provides a precise, comfortable, aluminum sliding table format with hardened, steel guides.
In addition, a subcutter with its own engine, a centrally located control panel at the front of the machine, the machine is equipped with central lubrication, electrically deflected (0 ° -45 °) and adjustable saw blade height.
Digital indicator of the executioners, for reading the deflection of the saw blade, serially equipped with three cutting speeds of the main saw, additional protection in the shape of a parallelogram with an integrated suction option, which ensures safe operation, equipped with a bracket for easy attachment of elements to the extra wide 405mm sliding table.
Strong and retractable telescopic limiter with two tilting stops, stable parallel stop with fine tuning, max. Cutting width at the parallel stop is 1350mm, large own weight enables precise machining of heavy components.

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