Wooden playgrounds for children

Wooden playgrounds for children

Real a paradise for children no doubt pose playgrounds.
They are present not only at schools and kindergartens - they are increasingly appearing in urban space.
Chyba there is no housing estate or park without swings, sandpit, slides and other attractions for children.
They are also very popular wooden playgrounds in private gardens.
We can do them make yourself, buy ready-made elements or order their execution according to individual preferences.

Why a playground?

Playgrounds it's an attraction for our kids who not only provides great entertainment, but also a large dose of outdoor movement. Belongs take care but let this fun be in fully secure.
For this purpose, to make playgrounds only solid, durable materials should be used. It is most often used spruce and pine wood - because of their aesthetic value and strength.

How to take care of wood?

In the case of wooden elements, you should also take care of them appropriate impregnation, thanks to which they will be resistant to both mechanical damage and weather conditions. You must also rememberto take care of Fr. safety of the youngest. That is why we suggest that use for this surgery, properly selected products in terms of their chemical composition. Safety and health is in this case priority.

What else do you remember?

In the production of playground components every detail should be taken care of. From swings, a slide or a sandpit the youngest will benefitand that means it should be provide them with total security. Hence wood must be not only permanently, but also properly treated, which will ensure that the child will not cut or cut any splinters into the skin. It will also guarantee that the wood will not crack under the weight of the child.

How to make a wooden playground?

Exactly how to make the right elements of the playground step by step will be included in the next guides. The best advisor to make the first swing or slide is your own imagination.
We definitely need basic carpentry equipment and woodworking machinery that will help us. The preferred list of such machines is below:

For more complex elements of such a wooden playground we will need professional carpentry machines, such as:

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