Kitchen furniture made of wood

Kitchen furniture made of wood

Wood composes perfectly with interiors furnished both in classic as well as modern style.

Hence, for years wooden are enjoying unflagging popularity interior items.

They deserve special attention kitchen furniturewhich, due to their purpose, must be unique resistance to external factors.

What wood for kitchen furniture?

The kitchen is the heart of every home and apartments. Here we prepare meals for ourselves and loved ones. We also often eat here. During cooking high temperatures are created, appears steam, various aromas mix, and risk often arises emergence of stubborn dirt after hot oil or other fats.

It is also a unique place exposed to moisture. That is why kitchen furniture is so important done former from materials with increased mechanical resistanceand also easy to keep clean. It is not only cabinets, shelves or entire buildings, but also tables and chairs. In such cases, properly protected wood will work. This perfect solution for everyone, kit values ​​practical, durable, functional, and at the same stylish equipment elements.

Kitchen furniture can be made entirely of wood, but not only. The combination of chipboard and wooden tops is also often used (this is a cheaper option). Wood gives the enormity of arrangement possibilities - it can be used to make all kinds of decors and milling. The most important thing is that it is properly selected and impregnated.

Types of wood for the production of furniture in the kitchen:

The choice is huge. It could be:

  • Beech
  • ash
  • oak
  • pine

Depending on individual preferences, furniture can be maintained in natural colorsAnd colored for many interesting colors. It can also be covered with glossy varnish. With wooden cabinets, it will perfectly match selected LED lighting fulfilling both decorative and practical functions. In the company of wood they will also be great glass elements.

Which machines are the best to equip carpentry kitchen furniture?

The basic composition of joinery machinery for the production of kitchen furniture can be joinery machines such as:

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