What wood for the tub, saunas?

What wood for the tub, saunas?

They will prove themselves not only at recreational facilities or at Spa & Wellness.

Tubs and saunas Garden is above all a great idea to create your own private relaxation area in the home garden or on your plot.

On the market a lot of ready solutions are available. For an unusual plot or for people with specific requirements we highly recommend the implementation tubs and saunas to size.

What are tubs and saunas made of?

Both tubs and garden saunas They are made of high quality wood. As a result, they not only look great, but they are also durable and serve for many years. They can be successfully used outdoors regardless of the season, are resistant to changing weather conditions. Therefore, their benefits can be used both in summer and winter.

Tubs and saunas are made entirely of wood. For their production thick planks are used - for example, durable wood Scandinavian spruce, which is distinguished by exceptional resistance to the harmful effects of weather conditions. Very good material for tub and sauna is also cedar and larch wood. They are not the cheapest solutions, but they provide exceptional long service life of the structure. A good material is also Pinewood, however, please note that at heating water up to 40 degrees Celsius may turn yellow. It is because of that Pinewood is special Resin.

What do you need to remember?

Deciding for wooden tubs and saunas, please be careful check certificates be too other documents proving the origin of the wood. It is recommended that it was timber obtained from conifers. They contain more resinous substances than the deciduous trees it has special significance for outdoor constructions.

It is also important choosing the right material thickness and regular wood care. It is also important to keep the tub and saunas clean. You should also rememberto properly protect the wood with special impregnants before use. They will provide a protective layer against both too high and too low temperatures, as well as against moisture.

Which carpentry machines should be used to make saunas or wooden logs?

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