Wooden toys

It is impossible not to notice that traditional solutions, such as wooden toys, return to favor. It's simple, aesthetic, pleasant to the touch, natural and ecological articles for babies that are completely safe for health. Their additional advantage is a solid construction and exceptional resistance to mechanical damage. This is extremely important in the case of accessories intended for children - the youngest often happens to chew a toy or anger throw it in front of you. Wood is adapted to this type of situation.

For a toy to serve your child for years, choose the best quality wood. And here the question arises, which means "the best quality wood". Well, it is dry wood, which is not very resinous. Pine wood is often chosen because it is extremely susceptible to processing and allows to create toys of various shapes and sizes. Birch wood is a popular raw material, which is easily subjected to both manual and mechanical processing. This allows precise execution of even the smallest details and the most sophisticated forms and shapes. In many cases, poplar and lime wood also works.

All kinds of toys can be made of wood. These are rocking horses, blocks, dolls, queues, toy cars, musical instruments, houses, educational games, puzzles, pushers, creative sets, tools, kitchen accessories, puzzles, figurines and more. These are excellent articles for boys and girls of all ages. We can take advantage of the wide range of wooden toy manufacturers as well as create our own original designs.

Wooden toys are completely safe for children, if of course they have not been covered with toxic paints or varnishes. Therefore, it is recommended to make toys in a raw form or cover them with non-toxic paints (for example water-based). Thanks to this, there is no risk that the toys will absorb harmful chemicals, which will then be in contact with children.


A real paradise for children is undoubtedly playgrounds. They are present not only in schools and kindergartens - more and more often appear in urban space. Probably there is no housing estate or park without swings, sandpit, slides and other attractions for children. Wooden playgrounds in private gardens are also very popular. We can do them yourself, buy ready-made elements or order them according to individual preferences.

Playgrounds are an attraction for our kids, which provides not only great entertainment, but also a large dose of outdoor movement. However, make sure that this game is completely safe. For this purpose, only solid, durable materials should be used to make playgrounds. The most commonly used is spruce and pine wood - due to their aesthetic and strength values. In the case of wooden elements, one should also ensure their appropriate impregnation, thanks to which they will be resistant to both mechanical damage and the impact of weather conditions.

In the production of playground components, you must take care of every detail. Swing, slide or sandbox will be used by the youngest, which means that they must be completely safe. Therefore, the wood must be not only durable, but also subjected to appropriate treatment, which will ensure that the child will not cut or slip into his skin any splinters. This will also ensure that the wood will not break under the weight of the child.

What else should you remember when deciding on a wooden playground?

An important issue is also impregnates, varnishes and paints. Wooden elements should be covered with fixed assets and resistant to changing weather conditions, but not only. It is also extremely important that they are environmentally friendly and free from ingredients that may affect the health of the child. It happens that children spend long hours on the playground, especially during warmer seasons - hence it is so important that they do not have contact with toxins and strong chemicals.

Wooden coffins

The death of a loved one is not only a painful experience and a huge loss. It is also necessary to quickly make important decisions related to the burial. There are many funeral companies on the market offering comprehensive support in organizing the last goodbye, but it is worth paying attention to a few details to ensure decent burial for the deceased.

One of such elements is the selection of an appropriate coffin. Wooden models are the most popular - they are durable, aesthetic, elegant and universal, and thanks to the easy woodworking you can give the coffin many interesting forms and shapes.

If we decide to choose a wooden casket, it is worth paying attention to the type of wood - it depends on its durability. The following are very popular:

  • oak wood - they are distinguished by exceptional durability and mechanical resistance; relatively heavy; it spreads out long in the ground,
  • pine wood - it is lighter and less resistant to mechanical damage and destruction than oak wood (hence it is usually cheaper than oak); they are distinguished by the ease of processing, which allows the production of coffins of many different shapes and shapes; Pine wood is also a beautiful, bright color and excellent aesthetic qualities.

For the production of coffins are also used alder, beech, spruce, and birch. As you can see, it does not matter if it is a deciduous or coniferous tree. More expensive versions are made from foreign species such as rosewood or ebony. If we want to be sure that the coffin will not lose its properties despite the passage of time, it is worth ensuring that it is made of solid, durable wood, and covered with appropriate impregnants and protective layers.

Wooden coffins can be made in many shapes, sizes and color versions to choose from (depending on the selected wood species). They are traditional, simple, modest models, as well as decorated with metal fittings, fabric elements and even decorative crystals. Gloss or matte versions are also available.

Kitchen furniture

Wood fits perfectly with interiors furnished in both classic and modern style. That is why wooden interior elements enjoy unflagging popularity for years. Particularly noteworthy are kitchen furniture, which due to its purpose must be characterized by exceptional durability against external factors.

Kitchen is the heart of every home and apartment. Here we prepare meals for ourselves and loved ones. We also often eat them here. During cooking, high temperatures arise, water vapor arises, various smells are mixed, and often there is a risk of creating difficult to remove dirt after hot oil or other fats. It is also a place extremely exposed to the effects of moisture. That is why it is so important that kitchen furniture is made of materials with increased mechanical resistance, as well as easy to clean. These are not only cabinets, shelves or entire buildings, but also tables and chairs. In such cases, properly secured wood will be checked. It's the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates practical, durable, functional and at the same time stylish accessories.

Kitchen furniture can be entirely made of wood, but not only. Combining chipboard with wooden worktops is also often used (it is a cheaper option). Wood gives a lot of arrangement options - you can make all kinds of decors and milling. The most important thing is to be properly selected and impregnated.

Which wood is suitable for the production of kitchen furniture? The choice is huge. It can be beech, ash, oak or pine. Depending on individual preferences, the furniture can be kept in natural colors as well as stained with many interesting colors. It can also be covered with glossy varnish. With wooden cabinets perfectly matched LED lighting will be perfect for both decorative and practical functions. In the company of wood, glass elements will also be great.

Wood at the tub, sauna

They work not only on recreational facilities or Spa & Wellness. Garden bales and saunas are also a great idea to create your own private relaxation zone in the garden or on the plot. There are a lot of ready-made solutions available on the market, but for an unusual plot or for people with specific requirements, we recommend making tubs and saunas to size.

Both tubs and garden saunas are made of high quality wood. As a result, they not only look great, but are also durable and serve for many years. They can be successfully used outdoors regardless of the season - they are resistant to changing weather conditions. Therefore, their benefits can be enjoyed in summer as well as in winter.

Tubs and saunas are made entirely of wood. Thick boards are used for their production - for example, durable Scandinavian spruce wood, which is distinguished by exceptional resistance to adverse weather conditions. Very good material for the tub and sauna is also cedar wood and larch. They do not belong to the cheapest solutions, but they provide an extremely long service life. Pine wood is also a good material, but it should be remembered that when the water warms up to 40 degrees Celsius, it may become yellow - due to the fact that the pine wood is extremely resinous.

When deciding on wooden tubs and saunas, check the certificates or other documents confirming the origin of the wood carefully. It is recommended that it is wood obtained from conifers - they contain more resinous substances than deciduous trees, which is particularly important in the case of structures used outdoors.

It is also important to choose the right thickness of the material and regular care of the wood and keep the tubs and saunas clean. It should also be remembered that before using, properly protect the wood with special impregnants that will provide a protective layer both against too high and too low temperatures, as well as against the influence of moisture.

Wood for boats and yachts

They look great and are considered a synonym of prestige and luxury. Made of the highest quality wood and with exceptional precision boats and yachts attract attention and are very popular in wider and wider circles. Wooden yachts are still reserved for people with a greater wallet, but a slightly cheaper alternative are boats, whose advantages will be appreciated not only by supporters of recreational cruises, but also anglers.

Where does the high price of yachts and boats come from? This is mainly related to the price of the wood used and numerous processing techniques. The construction of the boat must be made in such a way that it is resistant to moisture in 100%, as well as the harmful effect of sea salt and atmospheric factors. It is also extremely important to protect it against all kinds of wood pests. It must also be resistant to damage
mechanical to ensure full safety during the voyage.

African mahogany (acajou, kosipo, sipo, sapele) is the most commonly used for the production of yachts and boats. It is used both in the construction of external and internal elements. It is valued for its aesthetic value as well as ease of maintenance, rotting resistance and exceptional mechanical strength. The Burmese teak (teczna) is also very popular, which is characterized by exceptional resistance to moisture, fungi and the influence of sea salt. The cheaper equivalent of the iridium is iroko wood and samba. We also have many native species with properties similar to African or American varieties enjoying such great popularity. In the construction of exclusive yachts, an oak, which is characterized by high hardness and resistance to external factors, will be successful.

Originally, yachts and boats were made entirely of solid wood. Today, not only wood in many varieties is used for their production, but also polyester-glass laminates. The wooden elements can be found not only in the construction, but also in the decorative elements on the deck, as well as in the interior furniture.