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Our offer mainly includes used woodworking machines and sawmill manufacturers with many years of tradition, whose products are still very popular. These are both Polish brands such as: JAROMA, Gomad, Safo, Rema, Pemal, and foreign ones mainly German and Italian, ie Weinig, Ott, Gubisch, Scm, Holz-her, Altendorf, MARTIN.
Each of the used machines is different, subjected to technical inspections, sold is fully operational. Each piece has an original photograph. You always order the machine visible in the picture.

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Dealer of woodworking machines

We are a dealer of new woodworking machines, among others production of European brands: REMA, ALTENDORF, GRIGGIO, MAGGI, HOLZMANN, STOMANA, WINTER, CENATURO, ROBLAND.
These machines are very popular, because of the wide range, affordable price and reliability, they meet all standards and are covered by the warranty. We have thicknessing machines, planing machines, band saws, circular saws, transverse and format saws, grinders, horizontal and vertical drills, as well as feeds and sharpeners. We also carry out individual orders.